About Me

Hello… For those who don’t know me and those who do, I am Rob Williams and I am 36 (yes that date is correct and updates on my birthday 🙂

My interests:

I like to consider myself “jack of all trades” however that doesn’t quite explain who I am really, so my interests varey from indoor to outdoor activities. Let me elaborate, indoors its obviously time with my children as their my life and soul, I also enjoy gaming…. I go as far back as Quake2 as a hardcore gamer but I did retire whilst being a call of duty gamer although I would build a pc once again and go back to it in a flash. I am a linux enthusiast and enjoy Linux both as a desktop and server environment and such this website is hosted on a linux server hosted by myself.

Outdoors…. well I enjoy visiting new places. If I could get my way I would travel the world. Travelling is a big thing for me whether its with my family or on my own. I have a big passion for fast car’s and I aint talking about your average shitreon saxo vts with a remap, I enjoy the hair standing rush of rear wheel drive, massive boost and giving a cheeky smile to my opponents who sadly lose to my sleeper’s


My Family:

I am the proud father of 4 children, these are Joshua (16), Megan (14), Adam (12) and lastly not forgetting my little treasure Ethan (5) who gave us a real nasty scare through the pregnancy and we thought we were going to be unlucky for the second time and have a misscarriage, but thankfully things got better for us and we said hello to our little boy Ethan (which means long lived) and brings us loads of smiles and laughter.


Music and TV:

This is a tricky one for music as I like all sorts of music, r&b, hipop, pop, rock, 60’s to 90’s, folk, country, country western and even spiritual music played on things like solo intrusments and wind instruments like flutes/panpipes.

TV is easier, I am not a soap person at all. I think things like Emmerdale, coronation street, Eastenders and such should be axed! I do however like anything with an intense edge of your seat story line. I am currently watching Homeland, Gotham, Lucifer, Mr. Robot, Better call saul. but I can’t end it there without saying Breaking Bad was by far the best thing I’ve ever watched on tv though and was gutted it ended so quickly.


Liars, Smokers and strangely people with those annoying accents. Sorry Scousers and Aussies but the way you talk gets under my skin.